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Chayote Barrio Kitchen 

Chayote Barrio Kitchen

About Chayote Barrio Kitchen

Nueva Mesa Latina celebrates the traditions and culinary footprint of all Latin influences while also looking forward to where Latin cuisine will go into the future. The mission of Nueva Mesa Latina is to move towards a new narrative by reinventing dishes within the genre and yet remain true to its roots. This is what we call Latin-forward.

About Mario Pagán
Mario’s passion for cooking began while watching the women in his family preparing traditional Caribbean meals during his childhood in Puerto Rico. Today he owns and operates 4 of Puerto Rico’s finest and most recognized restaurants. Mario was a featured chef on Food Network’s “Next Iron Chef” Season Three. He has also hosted two cooking television series on FOX Latino: “Sabores de Ensueño” and “Boricuas”. Mario has also co-written the books “Cocinas del Mundo del Caribe” and “La Gran Cocina Caribeña.” His most recent collaboration on “Waste Not,” a book by the James Beard Foundation on food waste, was published in September 2018. He is a member of the James Beard Foundation’s State Department Culinary Diplomacy Chefs Partnership. Chayote is Mario’s homage to his roots but also his voice to where Latin cuisine will go next in the United States.

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